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Cities and Counties
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With very low yields on high quality instruments, your job as custodians of the publics' funds is as difficult as it
has been since the Great Depression.  We specifically and constantly research alternative and creative ways
to bring value and yield to your portfolio without substantially increasing the risk.

We step in your shoes as an additional fiduciary, and you can rely on us to help you make informed and
prudent investment decisions.  Since we are wary of the credit rating agencies, we closely monitor credit
quality to ensure the it exceeds that of the statute and your investment policy.  

All of our current investment vehicles have been reviewed and passed on by auditors in the last review cycle.  
Since you are a public trust, our fees are for serving you are lower than the standard fees.

Please feel free to
contact us to see if can help you increase the investment return for you constituents.

While practicing law, our founder. Paul Zenke, represented municipalities on various issues.  He is aware of
the unique chain of command, and he understands where the responsibility lies when it comes to investment
decisions.  The majority of the public does not understand your unique challenges, but we do.  We understand
the statute and can work with you to maximize your returns while staying well within its terms.

As a governmental agency, your investment policies are controlled by Minnesota Statute Section 118A.  As
result, your investment universe is relatively small.  Even so, you may be able to substantially increase your
returns without a great increase in risk.  We believe being prudent investor and a good steward of public funds
means being fully informed about all the investment vehicles available to you.