Many investment vehicles are available to a variety of financial professionals.  The difference between them is your
experience with them.  There are many people selling investment products.  Are you just another sale, or does that
person care enough to take the time to get to know you and your unique story?
What You Should Expect From Your Financial Professional
       Be competent in the areas we handle for you.
When you hire Kodiak to be your financial professional you can expect that we will:
Kodiak Investment Management LLC
Balance    Integrity    Wisdom    Trust     Discipline
•       Work with, and share information upon your request, with other professionals that you choose.
•       Be fair and upfront regarding fees, costs, investment vehicles, philosophy, and market conditions.
•       Keep you informed about your portfolio and any other matters that we may be handling  for you.
•       Work to earn your trust and keep everything you share confidential.
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