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As a nonprofit, you have to balance the desires of your board, investment committee, and
constituents. I understand that you have a myriad of different risk tolerances to deal with, and I try to
help you find consensus that will be in the best interest of your organization.


I have advised nonprofits large and small and sat on several boards in various capacities.  See
about Me.  I understand the challenges you face and what it takes to accomplish your goals.  As
your investment manger I cannot sit on your board but I can be a great ally to help you execute a
prudent and dynamic investment policy.

Planning and Execution

If you do not have an IPS in place I will sit down with you and help you formulate one.   If you do, I
will review it and discuss it relative to the current market conditions.  I also may be able to make
suggestions as to how to tailor your policy to deal with the increased market volatility, to help limit
your risk while increasing your returns.

Investment Policy Statement

We require that all institutions have an Investment Policy Statement (IPS).  An IPS defines your
investment allocation and preferred investment vehicles.  It is the road map for current and future
policy makers, as well as money managers. If you have an IPS I can review it with you to see if
anything has changed within the organization to warrant a change.  If it was drafted several years
ago, there may be market realities that warrant changes as well.

An IPS tells potential donors that you have done your homework and have a framework for your
investments, for the investment of their money.

Gift Acceptance Policy

Another essential document for trusts and foundations is a gift acceptance policy.  Having this
policy in place ensures that the gifts you receive are in line with your mission and goals, and will not
place an undue burden on the organization.  It also streamlines the gifting process and makes your
gifting policies clear for both your staff and your donors.  This is another area we discuss when you
work with us.

All institutional portfolio management is done under a fee-based arrangement, with the fee structure
set forth on the Fees page.  Religious organizations, endowments, and other non-profits may
receive discounted portfolio management services.