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Managing your money is my basic responsibility to you.  Portfolios are designed based upon you or
your organization's unique characteristics, risk tolerance, goals, and vision.   For individuals, I design
and monitor your portfolio according to your situation, your goals, your ideals, your lifestyle, your
dreams.  I use a combination of software to monitor relative risk based upon statistical models, and
performance measures along with experience and intuition to design and maintain a portfolio to fit
you, your business, or institution.
When hire me to manage your portfolio under an investment advisory relationship, i become your
fiduciary.  A fiduciary is held to a higher standard than someone that is simply selling you investment
products.  A fiduciary is held to the highest standard of care under the law.

There has been a lot of talk in the media of late about the fiduciary standard and the fiduciary rule.  
Its seems like a no-brainer that we should be putting what is best for you first and not what is best for
us our anyone we may work for.  Our duties are based upon the basic principles of trust, integrity,
and loyalty.

I am generally paid using a fee-based or asset-based pricing structure.  I structure and monitor all my
clients' portfolios myself. I personally manage your money, first, because it lowers your costs.  I only
use funds or third party money managers when the performance or a particular market niche justifies
it.  Secondly, if I manage your money, the ultimate responsibility, and therefore control over your
portfolio, stays with Me.  If you would like to use my services and are currently using third party
money managers, call or email me.  I can show you how we may be able to lower your costs without
sacrificing performance.  If you are more comfortable, I also may be able to continue to use your
current money managers. See my Fees page.
I use a combination of individual stocks and bonds, exchange-traded funds, closed-end funds, private
and public REITs, and a few actively managed funds that warrant the cost, to construct portfolios.  I
do not use models and force fit you into one of those models.  Each portfolio is designed and
maintained for you.  I believe discipline is the essential element of portfolio management.  Once a
strategy is designed, the risk parameters and allocation boundaries must be adhered to.  You are
paying me to keep you on the path and resist the temptations of the markets.