IRA Rollovers
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Moving money from your qualified plan into an IRA is generally very straight forward.   Kodiak can
help make this process as simple as possible.  There are circumstances, however, that require
extreme care.  If your plan contains company stock, is an ESOP, a 457, or other unique qualified
plan, we must plan carefully so as to limit your current or future tax burden.  When necessary we
can work with your tax professional to ensure that your plan is moved into the appropriate type of

IRAs offer unique opportunities from a tax perspective.  Depending on your age and income we may
be able to suggest strategies to move assets from a traditional IRA to Roth IRA and minimize the
overall tax impact

We can also use your IRA tax deferral feature.  We may be able to reduce present taxes while still
positioning for growth by carefully choosing which assets to hold in your IRA and which to hold in
your taxable account.  While Kodiak does not give tax or legal advice, we design your portfolio with
the tax impact in mind.