Estate and Retirement Strategies
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Your life experience and situation are unique and deserve an individual and unique approach. We
strive to consider all aspects of you, your philosophy, and your unique needs and vision.


I practiced law for about 12 years prior to entering the securities field.  My trusts, estate, real estate,
and business law background provide the perspective from which I approach your unique estate
issues. See About Me.  In me view, appropriate investments cannot be considered without first
reviewing all aspects of your life. The choices I make regarding your portfolio directly affect all of
these aspects

Deciding where your assets should go upon death is one of the most personal and can be one of the
most unsettling tasks you do in your life. To add to the stress, it should be revisited periodically as
your wishes, assets, or family may change over time. I can assist you in this sensitive task, make
sense of your options, and suggest a strategy that suits you and your situation.  I hope to help you
sleep more soundly knowing that you have everything in order.


While Kodiak does not draft documents, or give legal or tax advice, I can review your current plan to
see if it still reflects your wishes and accomplishes what you intend.  I can also talk about various
instruments that may better assist you to meet your goals.  We can discuss strategies that include
life insurance, trusts, gifting, and charitable giving.   I work closely with your legal and tax
professionals and will ensure that you are properly represented and advised in these areas by the
proper experts.

Confidential and Discreet

Your trust in us is sacred. Anything you share with us is completely confidential. No one will know
you are even a client unless you choose to tell them