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Charitable Gift Strategies
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Giving to charity can be very rewarding and very complicated.  There are many issues to balance.  
There are family and lifestyle issues.  There are legacy and tax issues.  Most often these
discussions include all of your professionals, your attorney and your CPA, and sometimes your
family.  A charitable gifting strategy is no different from your portfolio in that it must be tailored for
you specifically.  There are a myriad of flexible vehicles to use when crafting a strategy and we are
familiar and experienced with the majority of them.  We will help you explore these vehicles to find
the ones best suited to your needs.

Using Life Insurance

We can help you leave a charitable legacy, while still remembering your children, grandchildren, or
others.  See our life insurance strategies page.

Taxes as Philanthropy

If you pay taxes, you are a philanthropist.  The government distributes your taxes, your donation,
the way it sees fit.  If you would like to choose how your dollars are used, you may choose your
own causes to support, which reduces the amount you give to the government, your taxes.  We
can help you craft a strategy that directs both current and future dollars to the causes that you
choose, not ones that are chosen for you.